ProjectTRACKER Help - Absence

ProjectTRACKER can be used also for basic holiday planning. This is includes also a calendar for site / country specific holidays. The absence page looks like:

Based on your “Site” access rights you can see also other users absence times / holidays or public holidays of your location country or other country locations you are allowed to access.

To add your holiday / absence time simply click on the respective date in the calendar. Your short name shows up and indicates the request for a holiday / absence. Your responsible team manager can approve your holiday. As soon your holiday is approved your short name is marked with '*' and you cannot delete it anymore by clicking again on the date.

The team leader can define the type of absence. Team leaders and the user himself can see the type of absence via the color of the short name:

Type of absenceColor
Non-holiday absence, e.g. overtime compensationBlue
Training absenceGreen
Sick leaveGrey

Absence / Holiday Options and Selections

Name Select user for which you want to see the calender - must be you when you want to set / delete holidays - normal users can only see their calendar or by selecting “Nothing” all holiday / absence times of other users in sites they are allowed to see.
Country Select location country for which you want to see the public holiday calender - or by selecting “Nothing” you can see holidays from all sites you are allowed to see.
Maintain / Approve user holidays Opens new page which allows individual approval of absence / holiday times. Note: This page is visible only for system administrators or team leaders.
Holiday overview Opens overview page for absence / holiday times.
Add holiday range Opens new page which allows quick allocation of a holiday period from a start to an end date.
Copy absence to task efforts Opens a new page asking for confirmation if all absence / holiday / training entries in the calendar shall be copied over as entries to Efforts.
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