CodeCharge Installation / Configuration

The ProjectTRACKER is generated with the CodeCharge Studio development framework version In case you want to use the framework carefully read the CodeCharge Studio manuals.

To install the CodeCharge framework follow the installation chapter in the CodeCharge Studio manual.

Note: The mySQL driver setup of CodeCharge has a bug - please replace the file …\CodeChargeStudio3\Components\Databases\MySQL.xml with the file in the directory mySQL in the ProjectTRACKER CVS repository.

Create a new CodeCharge project, e.g. with the name tracker. Copy all PHP, HTML and Java Script files from the root directory of the ProjectTRACKER ZIP-file into the newly generated tracker directory. Copy also all *.ccp files from the ProjectTRACKER CVS repository to the tracker directory.

Setup the CodeCharge project according to the following screenshots:

Project settings - General settings

Project settings - Server and programming language settings

Project settings - Locales & Encodings settings

Project settings - Publishing settings

Note: Assuming you web server htdocs directory is located in D:\xampp\trackersql.

Project settings - Connections - Modify Connection - Design

Note: Assuming your MySQL ODBC driver data source name is AWETrackermySQL.

Project settings - Connections - Modify Connection - Server


  • Assuming the ProjectTracker MySQL database name is tracker and a database user with name tracker has been defined.
  • It is recommended to use the Improved MySQL PHP Database Library. The generated file “db_mysqli.php” has a bug in the database unlock() function - change the code in the PHP file from @mysqli_query(“unlock tables”); to @mysqli_query($this->Link_ID, “unlock tables”);!

Project settings - Security settings

Project settings - Security settings - Advanced Security Settings

Note: A random Encryption Key value is filled in already by CodeCharge.

Project settings - Security groups

Project settings - Style settings

Note: The ProjectTRACKER ZIP-file contains the following predefined styles in the directory Styles:

  • ApricotN
  • ApricotS
  • BlueprintN
  • BlueprintS
  • CoffeeBreakN
  • CoffeeBreakS
  • FreshN
  • FreshS
  • MSLike
  • SchoolN
  • SchoolS
  • TableN
  • TableS

Styles ending with “S” use smaller font and table sizes. You can freely define your own styles as long you copy them into the Styles directory. Don't forget to copy also the file Thumbnail.bmp into the corresponding style directory.

Note: Take care that the characters □√ are included in the font you choose.

Project settings - Buttons settings

Add the following buttons to the default buttons:

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