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The Maintenance page allows to backup and restore all relevant data stored in the ProjectTRACKER.


  • Only the ProjectTRACKER administrator can can see and use this functionality!
  • Detailed know how on the ProjectTRACKER database structure and content is needed to use this functionality! A basic description on the database model is included in the file tracker-database-schema.pdf in the ProjectTRACKER ZIP-file directory MySQL.

Export Settings

Table When selected only this table is exported.
Query (or*) SQL query in the form e.g. {Cond1} AND {Cond2} OR {Cond3} … and {Cond} a valid field condition from the ProjectTRACKER database, e.g. ProgramID=1.
Index Key (*) Instead of Query a index key can be used to export all matching values of the index table and the related tables.
Key Value (*) The value of the index key to export.
Ignore tables not in query Only tables, which contain a field mentioned in Query are exported.
Add time stamp to file name A time stamp in the PHP date format 'Ymd-Gis' is added to the file name. The file name is 'export' for Query and 'backup' for Index Key exports.
Export Start export.

The exported data is stored in a XML file. Files are exported to the web server file system where the ProjectTRACKER is hosted. The exact location is defined in the TR_FILE_DIR PHP constant.

Import Settings

Table When selected, only this table is imported from the XML file, even when this file contains data from other tables.
Filename Open a file selection box to select the XML file to import.
Import Start Import.


  • You cannot undo the import function - so carefully check what you import!
  • Import and export should be done only with data coming from the same database (also ProjectTracker version should be the same). Import / export from different database works only when the (foreign) key indexes are synchronized or the source database is empty!
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