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The ProjectTRACKER planning page consist of two different planning views:

Resource View This view shows the allocation of resources1) / users to a certain task.
Task View This view shows the allocation of tasks to a certain resource / user.

Note: Only users with “Plan” access rights can see and use the planning functionality!

Resource View

Here an example of a Resource View:

Clicking on will automatically fill the max. possible working effort into all lines for this month. With these “default plan values” (in grey color) you can quickly setup a task plan with 100% resource allocation by just pressing the Update button to overtake the vales into the plan. See also Eng. Efficiency selection options and the Alloc field in the Allocation Plan grid to modify the allocation percentage. Clicking on will remove the grey default plan values.

Note: In case the icon is shown in the selection box or the table view you can only read the data and you cannot save any values! This is e.g. the case when you select the Curr. plan.

Task View

And here an example of a Task View:

By clicking the ID field, the views are switched vice versa and so allow a quick overview which tasks are allocated to a resource, or which resources are allocated to a certain task. Moving the mouse pointer over task ID will show a tool tip with the description of the allocated task.

Resource / Task Overview

Selecting the Overview check box will summarize the Resource or Task view in a hierarchical overview:

Clicking on the sum icon will collapse or expand the related task / resource group. A collapsed tree is shown with a red icon.

Selection Filters

Resource Resource name filter.
Arrows selects next or previous resource in the alphabet.
Task Task name filter.
Year Plan year.
Res. Group Resource group filter.
Task Group Task group filter.

Selection Options

Eff. HC Multiply plan values with Full Time Equivalent (FTE) defined in the Cost Group field of the resource Profiles.
Eng. Efficiency Multiply default plan values with the resource Efficiency defined in Users.
Plan Type
Plan Current plan.
Base Plan baseline (stored Plan).
Diff-Base2) Difference of Plan to Base plan values.
Curr.3) Measured values from Efforts.
Diff-Curr.4) Difference of Plan to Curr. plan values.
Plan Measurement Units
d Person days.
h Person hours.
HC Head Count relative to max. possible capacity per month.
% Percent releative to max. possible capacity per month.
T€5) Average costs calculated via the Yearly Costs field6) in the resource Profiles.
excel3.jpg Export current plan view data to MS Excel sheet.
Opens the Reports page showing all reports including 2 in the report view.

Plan Inline Report

The plan inline report with the name _Plan Page Report is shown right to the Selection form when defined by a user with “Report” rights. In case a single task is selected the default inline report will show the task description, start date and end date.

Allocation Plan Input Grid

ID7) Internal ID of the plan allocation record. By clicking the ID field the resource and task views are switched vice versa. A tool tip with the task description is shown when moving the mouse cursor over the ID field.
Group8) Name of resource / user or task group.
Task9) Name of the task or
First Name Last Name10) First / last name of the resource / user.
Alloc Average allocation percentage of the resource / user per year. The value should not include holidays or absence times - these are planned in Absence and also assume full availability of the resource as the Efficiency of a resource is planned in Users.
In case the resource is available later in the year - or up to a certain month a partial allocation can be chosen via a selection box in the form ..Nov, ..Oct, .. Dec... The Alloc value will be used for the Auto Task Allocation tool - see Auto and for the capacity planning in the Schedule page.
Jan .. Dec Input fields for the plan allocation, possible formats are:
123.4 Allocation in person days.
123:12 Allocation in person hours.
123.4% Allocation percentage relative to maximum capacity per month.
1.234# Allocation head count relative to maximum capacity per month.
Note: The format notation is only needed when other units are used then the Plan Measurement Units selected in the Selection Options
D/W Delete / Write indication. In case a check box □ is available you can delete the allocation. When you move the mouse cursor over the field a tool tip shows the owner of this record.
Indicates the record is write protected. To still write to your own records choose another filter criteria to reduce the list to entries you are allowed to write.
Allocate team members Clicking on the link will open the resource allocation page. Via this page you can quickly allocate resources, or check the resource allocation of the selected task. Note: You can only allocate resources but not delete any allocations! To delete allocations use the Resource View grid.

Allocation Plan Input Buttons

Update Store allocation plan entries.
Set Baseline11) Copy current plan values of the selected task(s) to baseline.
Unset Baseline12) Clear stored baseline values.
Chown13) Make assigned resource team leaders owner of the plan allocation records.
Cancel Reload page without storing.

Note: The baseline buttons are only visible in case a task is selected!

Allocation Plan Overview Grid

ID14) Internal ID of the plan allocation record.
Clicking on the sum icon will collapse or expand the related task / resource group. A collapsed tree is shown with a red sum icon.
Group15) Name of resource / user or task group.
Task16) Name of the task or
First Name Last Name17) Name of the resource / user.
Jan .. Dec Plan allocation values per month.
Sum Sum of Jan .. Dec plan allocation values.
Sorry for using the word “resource” for a human being - but this is a standard term used in project management
2) , 3) , 4) , 5)
Read only view
This is a average, fully loaded value per resource group and does not reflect the salary of an individual
7) , 8) , 9) , 10) , 14) , 15) , 16) , 17)
Clicking on the headline will also sort the column
11) , 12)
Only for users with Baseline rights
Only for system administrator
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