ProjectTRACKER Help - Access Rights

The ProjectTRACKER uses a hierarchical access right model based on a team structure - see Users field User Team. The following table tries to explain the model:

Logged in User \ Data from Admin User1 User2 User21 User22 User221
Admin X X X X X X
… User1 X
… User2 (Team Leader) X X X X
…… User21 X
…… User22 (Team Leader) X X
……… User221 X

Access rules are:

  • Read access to user data is strictly depending on the team structure, means team leaders can only see their team or themselves, and normal users see only themselves as indicated with X in the above table.
  • Read access on program / task data is based on the Program Visibility - see Programs.
  • Admin and users with “Write” rights can write always. Users with “Write Group” or “Own Task” rights (see User Rights) can write also to some data, e.g. program / task descriptions on the same team level or when the user is the assigned task owner. Other users can write only when indicated with X in the above table.
  • Admin and users with “Delete” rights can delete always. Users with “Delete Own” rights can delete own and team member data when indicated with X in the above table.
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