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The schedule function of the ProjectTRACKER provides basic time tracking and heuristic planning tools, to do resource and time planning with your tasks. The typical schedule page looks like:

When clicking on a task ID the detailed resource allocation plan of the associated task below the schedule grid is shown:

Note: Only users with “Schedule” access rights can see and use the scheduling functionality!

Selection Filters

Task Task filter.
Program Program filter.
Task-ID Filter for task id.
Task-Group Filter for task group.
Task-Prio Task prio filter. Prio must be given in format: 1,2,3 …
Task Owner Task Owner filter.
Task Status Task Status filter.
Year Year filter.

Selection Options

Allocation Selects how Efficiency is calculated
100% Allocation 100% resource allocation.
Plan Allocation Effort planned1) / Total Capacity.
Resource Allocation2) Net Capacity / Total Capacity.
Eff. Resource Allocation3) Net Capacity * Engineer Efficiency4) / Total Capacity.
Total Capacity := Sum of resource allocation percentages5) * Max. effort possible per task time frame.
Net Capacity := Sum of resource allocation percentages6) * (Max. effort possible per task time frame - Holidays7)).
Effort18)/29) Selects how the Effort calculations are done
Gross Capacity := Total Capacity.
Net Capacity := Net Capacity.
Planned Effort Planned Effort from Estimates / Tasks.
Best Case Effort Best Case Effort from Estimates.
Worst Case Effort Worst Case Effort from Estimates.
Expected Effort Expected Effort from Estimates.
Allocated Effort Effort planned from allocation Plan.
Effort Measured Effort Done + Effort Remaining from Efforts.
Date estim. Selects how the Estimated End Date is calculated.
Effort Calculate the end date based on Effort1.
Regr. Do a linear regression on Effort Done and Effort Remaining data from Efforts with no confidence interval.
Regr. 95% Same as Regr. but with a 95% confidence intervall.
Remaining Effort only Subtracts Effort Done10) from Effort1. Note: Summary results might be not correct if not Effort Measured is used. In case of problems '<0!' is shown in the efforts column.
Holidays Selects how holidays are calculated in the Net Capacity calculations.
Excl. Don't consider holidays.
Incl. Include user and location holidays as planned in Absence.
Profile Use holiday profiles as defined in the location / site holiday Profiles.
excel3.jpg Export to MS Excel sheet.
Opens the Reports page showing all reports including 7 in the report view.

Tasks Schedule Grid

ID11) Internal ID of the task record. A tool tip with the task description is shown when moving the mouse cursor over the ID field. Clicking on the ID will open the Task Allocation Plan grid.
Trend of the last change to task Effort. Clicking on the icon will open the Task History / Trending.
Group12) Name of the task group.
Prio13) Prio of this task - in case task is done (remaining effort is 0) the task prio is shown in green.
Predecessor Comma separated “Task ID's” on which the task is depending.
Task Name14) Program : Task Name.
Start Date15) Task Start Date.
End Date16) Task End Date.
Task Owner17) Task owner - if defined, users with “Own Task” right can change the task content, even when not the record owner or in the group of the record owner.
Task Status18) Task status19). Note: For Summary Tasks the task status shows the lowest status of all tasks belonging to the summary group.
Effort1 Effort as selected in Effort1 Selection Option.
Effort2 Effort as selected in Effort2 Selection Option.
Ratio := Effort2 / Effort1 or vice versa when clicking on 2/1.
Average Headcount Allocated average Head Count for this task.
Alloc. Efficiency Calculated Allocation efficiency as defined above. Clicking on the link will call directly the Plan page for this task. Note: You need “Plan” access rights to access the Plan page!
Estimation Start Date Alternative start date.
Estimated End Date Calculated end date as defined by Date estim.
W indicates the record is write protected. To still write to your own records choose another filter criteria to reduce the list to entries you are allowed to write.

Tasks Schedule Grid Check Boxes

□√ Pred. Date Calculate the Start Date taking care on the task Predecessor dependencies.
Note: The new start dates will be also used in the calculations without overtaking the values with the Update button.
□√ Actual Date Show the current Start Date or End Date from Efforts. Dates are shown in green or red color depending on in-time or delayed execution.
Note: The current dates will be not used in the calculations. If you want to calculate with the current dates overtake them by pressing the Uddate button.
1/2 Invert the Effort1 / Effort2 ratio calculations and vice versa.
□√ Today □√ Copy Use the current date as the Estimated Start Date. If copy is selected the current date is also copied to the Start Date.
Note: The new start dates will be also used in the calculations without overtaking the values with the Update button.
□√ Copy Copy the Estimated End Date over to the End Date. To overtake the values press the Update button.

Note: Calculated values are greyed or colored - when you want to save the calculated values press the Update button. Be very careful when pressing Update with greyed or coloured values, you might overwrite by accident all your values!

Tasks Schedule Buttons

Update Store task schedule entries.
Cancel Reload page without storing.

Tasks Allocation Plan Grid

ID20) Internal ID of the task plan allocation record.
Name21) Name of the allocated resource.
Allocation Allocation percentage of resource defined in Plan.
Time Period Partial allocation of resource defined Plan.
Engineer Efficiency Shows resource Efficiency defined in Users.
Other fields are defined as in the Task Schedule grid.

Task Allocation Plan Buttons

Update Store task allocation plan entries.
Cancel Close allocation plan form without storing.
from allocation Plan
2) , 3) , 7)
is affected by Holidays setting
from Users
5) , 6)
from Plan
Effort1 is used for the schedule calculations
Effort2 is is used as comparison to Effort1 in the Ratio field
11) , 12) , 13) , 14) , 15) , 16) , 17) , 18) , 20) , 21)
Clicking on the headline will also sort the column
Configurable by the ProjectTRACKER PHP administrator
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