ProjectTRACKER Help - Setup

In the Setup page you can define / setup basic parameters of the ProjectTRACKER.

Defaults Options

Default Year Default year you want to work with.
Default Page Size Maximum number of lines shown in table views.
Word Wrap When set, longer names will be wrapped into next line - otherwise name will be truncated (limit is 50 characters).
Note: In case a name is truncated, '..' is shown at the end of the name.
Dec. Hours When set, all fields containing working hours or efforts will be shown in decimal format (e.g. 1.85 hours means 1 hour and 45 minutes).

Tracking Years

Year Add / delete years to be tracked with the ProjectTRACKER.
Scrum Start Date Start date for first scrum cycle in this year - default is 1st Jan.
Scrum Length (Weeks) Length of scrum cycle in weeks for this year - default is 2 weeks.
Update Store year entries.


  • Deleting a year will delete also all information associated to this year (e.g. all Efforts, Plan inputs belonging to this year). In case a year is deleted by fault, the year can be restored via the Restore function - see Main Menu - Other Menu Functions.
  • Only ProjectTRACKER administrators can see the setup for Tracking Years!

User Groups

Here you can define the visibility of effort and planning tasks to dedicated user groups.

Task Effort Groups Top Level Task Group letters visible in the Efforts page for users belonging to this user group.
Task Planning Groups Top Level Task Group letters visible in other pages for users belonging to this user group. The visibility of programs and tasks to users is also influenced by the Program Visibility - details see Programs.
Update Store group entries.


  • Tasks with empty task group names are always visible to all groups.
  • User groups are predefined in ProjectTRACKER and cannot be changed!
  • Only ProjectTRACKER administrators can see the setup for User Groups definitions!

Style Options

Choose a style you like by clicking on a icon.


  • The current style setting is saved in a browser cookie and is persistent with the browser / computer and not with the ProjectTRACKER user.
  • Minimum screen resolutions is 1600×1200 for the small (ā€œ..Sā€) styles - otherwise tables will be broken into the next line and readability is degraded.
  • Additional styles could be added by the PHP administrator of the ProjectTRACKER.
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